How loud are central vacuums?
H-P Products has always designed systems to operate as quietly as possible. The powerful central vacuum motor is located in a garage or basement away from the living environment and powerheads are designed with a number of special acoustic features including belts and bearing housings. Consequently, H-P Products Central Vacuum Systems have one of the lowest decibel ratings in the industry. Our central vacs have the same decibel rating as a clothes dryer.

How does a central vacuum compare to portables in performance?
With up to five times the suction and power of uprights, H-P Products Central Vacuum System capture 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust, odors and allergens. After vacuuming with most uprights, it’s typical to smell odors and see dust particles reflected in the sunlight. Traditional vacuums spread these particles and allergens around you home and recirculate them into the air you breath. The cyclonic power of a central vacuum from H-P eliminates these odors and dust particles for a cleaner home with cleaner air.

Can the system be used on more than carpets?
H-P Products offers a wide range of versatile attachments for all carpet types and hard-surface flooring like wood, tile, marble and vinyl. It can also be used to clean upholstery, draperies, crown moldings, ceiling fans, lampshades and fixtures.

Does the suction power work properly in the farthest reaches of the home?
Yes. Central vacuums are closed systems that maintain vacuum power in every part of the system. Properly sized and installed systems position the inlet valves throughout the home for whole-house coverage and maximum performance.  The sustained cleaning power of the H-P Central Vacuum System will ensure a consistent level of suction power and airflow in every part of the home.

Is it possible for objects to get caught in tubing?
It is not likely as long as the tube system is properly installed. Typically any object that can fit through the inlet valve will be sucked through the tubing and end up in the dirt canister.

Will the hose damage walls or woodwork?
H-P Products offers a soft hose sock that fits snugly over hoses to protect woodwork, furniture and corners from scuffs and scratches.

Will a central vacuum add value to my home?
Central vacuum systems are an integral part of the home, adding an exciting convenience feature when it comes time to sell.

Why is central vacuum so much more powerful?
If a portable vacuum had a comparable motor, you wouldn’t want to push it through the house. The genius of central vacuum systems is putting a powerful vacuum unit in a stationary location and allowing access to this powerful vacuum from the inlets located throughout the home.

Most of my floors are bare so why would I need a central vacuum?
A central vacuum is perfect for hard-surface flooring. Instead of stirring up dirt and debris with a broom, you can vacuum it with specially designed bare floor tools. The dirt gets deposited into the dirt canister, eliminating the recirculation of dust and odors.

I have a cleaning service so why would I need a central vacuum?
Most cleaning services use portable vacuums that are transported from home to home, recirculation someone else’s vacuumed dirt, dust and odors into your home. A central vacuum eliminates dirt, dust and odor recirculation regardless of who does the cleaning.

I already have a portable, why would I need a central vacuum?
A typical house has 4 portable vacuums (sticks, garage vacs, uprights). A central vacuum system can conveniently replace all of these. A central vacuum from H-P Products has 3-5 times the power of a traditional portable and its sustained cleaning performance never loses suction like portables.  Virtually all interior surfaces can be conveniently cleaned with the complete line of vacuum attachments.

I have heard central vacuums are expensive is this true?
A central vacuum system may be less expensive than you think, especially if you figure it into your monthly mortgage payment. The cost of ownership is less than replacing and maintaining portable vacuums over several years.