Experience our exceptionally powerful central vacuum performance and cleaning versatility with a wide variety of cleaning kits, accessories and powerheads. These accessories are specifically designed for today’s home furnishings, and can clean all interior surfaces − hard-surface flooring (wood, tile, marble, vinyl), all carpet types and rugs, walls, ceilings, draperies, upholstery and much more!

Choice of Powerheads
Depending on your preference, your system is available with either a turbine or electric powerhead. Both provide superior cleaning performance on carpeted surfaces.

The unique turbine powered carpet brushes, original TurboCat® and TurboCat Zoom, run off the airflow of the system to deliver reliable, deep-cleaning vacuum performance without additional electricity.

Electric powerheads are motor-driven and provide quick connections for wands and electrical cords, manual carpet height adjustment and easy maneuverability.

SEBO Powerheads - Advanced Technology for a Superior Cleaning Performance

SEBO electric powerheads are German engineered to deliver optimum performance with exceptional cleaning ability for both home and commercial use. These high quality powerheads can be added to any vacuum to greatly enhance its cleaning performance.

  • SEBO electric powerheads are made to withstand heavy use on all types of carpets in commercial and residential applications. The following features set these exceptional electric powerheads above all others.
  • The geared belt drive on the powerhead maintains direct power to the brush roll without slippage.
  • SEBO has designed an electronic sensor system to protect this belt drive mechanism and the motor by having the powerhead turn off should the brush become jammed. Operation is restored by simply clearing the jam around the brush roll.
  • The ET-C is the same powerhead as the ET 350e except that it comes with the quick release neck for ease and convenience when switching SEBO tools. In addition to black, the
    ET-1 is also available in white.
  • 10 Year Warranty