Problems that May Require Central Vacuum Repairs in Edmonton

What are some common central vacuum repairs that might require professional help?  

A central vacuum can be a great addition to your home — they’re simple to use, robust and reliable. But like any other appliance, they do sometimes need repairs. 

Here’s a list of common problems which might require professional central vacuum repairs in Edmonton. 

Assessing Central Vacuum Issues  

Before you call a professional for central vacuum repairs, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the system and get a sense of the part(s) that might be causing trouble. 

If you have a handle on what you might need fixing, the vacuum repair professional can help you troubleshoot on the phone and bring the right tools and equipment if they need to come to your home. 

Here are some issues they will be looking for as they ask questions: 

  • If there is an electrical failure, do you know the source point?
  • Are you aware of any loose, damaged, or poorly installed parts? 
  • If there is a suction problem, where is the clog or problem? 
  • Could it be a lousy inlet valve? 
  • Could it be leaking or damaged pipes? 
  • Is there a short in the power unit or low voltage system? 
  • Is there suction without the hose? 
  • How strong is the suction? 
  • Does it still run after you disconnect low voltage wires? 

If you can explain the problem at least somewhat, it will help the company better understand what’s needed and fix it quickly. 

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Power or Electrical Issues that Might Require Central Vacuum Repairs

If your vacuum does not start, there could be several things to look into, including: 

  • A general power failure 
  • A short in low voltage system 
  • A short in the power unit
  • A problem with the circuit breaker 
  • The transformer is not getting power 
  • Unit won’t turn off or on 
  • Worn out motor 
  • Bad signal or no signal coming to the inlet 

Suppose you’re having trouble getting your central vacuum started altogether. In that case, this could indicate several issues, including a bad motor, a lack of electricity to the unit, or a tripped breaker. 

The vacuum may simply need resetting.  

If a unit won’t turn off, this is usually to do with a circuit board or relay problem.  

A professional central vacuum company can help you determine the source of the problem, and what central vacuum repairs (if any) are needed. 

Unit Won’t Reach All Areas of Your House

If you are struggling because the vacuum cannot reach all areas of your home or property, there’s an easy fix for this — you can get an extension or install an additional inlet. 

Make sure you get a professional to install the extension or additional inlet properly.  

Suction Problems that Might Indicate You Need Central Vacuum Repairs

If the vacuum has poor suction, it’s likely the problem is a clog. Proper maintenance of your central vacuum can help to prevent things like clogs. Learn more about central vacuum maintenance here.    

If you suspect that your problem is a clog, this could be more complex to fix than if it were a regular vacuum. A central vacuum system has more parts and can be more challenging to deal with, given its wall installation.

To locate the source of the clog, you can try to narrow down the site of the clog, which could be in the tubing, screen, or hose. 

Other suggestions: 

  • Check the hose with a plumbing snake  
  • Check hoses in each room to determine if the problem is in one hose or the central unit. 
  • Make sure all motors are working
  • Try to determine if it’s in the hose or not 
  • If your problem is suction, it could also be a leak or crack in the system 
  • Check dust bag 
  • Clean filter(s) 

Blockages close to the central unit may have to do with the suction mechanism.

If you know or suspect you have a persistent clog, it’s time to call for help with central vacuum repairs. 

Damaged Pipe

Sometimes there are problems to do with damage in the actual piping part of the central vacuum system. In this case, the best thing to do is get your local service company to replace the pipe. 

Don’t do a DIY fix because this won’t last. Instead, be sure to get a new one appropriately installed to work well and last a long time. 

Call us for Central Vacuum Repairs in Edmonton

If you see that your central vacuum isn’t working to its full capacity, don’t panic. Whether it’s a simple clog or something more extensive, we can help you assess and repair your central vacuum properly and have it up and running again in no time. 

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