Hose Management Options for Central Vacuum Systems

Most people find that installing a central vacuum system is an excellent investment as it makes cleaning your home more accessible and more convenient. In addition, the fact that you no longer have to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room and look for the closest outlet makes a central vac more than worthwhile.   

Having a central vacuum system increases your cleaning efficiencies since they are more powerful than any portable one you’ve ever had. Best of all, the air quality in your house improves with dust and allergens being captured and exhausted outside. There should be fewer issues with seasonal allergies and all that comes with them. Having a central vacuum system makes life much easier; however, you may face one issue: hose management.

The majority of customers who have central vacuums installed are thrilled by the time they save cleaning. They also enjoy much cleaner homes.  Unfortunately, many customers still struggle to find the best way to handle the hose. While it’s better than lugging a portable vacuum around, the hose of a central vacuum can still be a bit unwieldy and difficult to control. That’s why it’s essential to find a proper hose management system. Fortunately, Vacuflo Edmonton has been your hose management expert for over 15 years, and we offer several options you can choose from.

We have put together some information about a few of them.

Retractable Hose Systems

One of the most popular central vacuum hose management methods is our retractable hose system. These options save you space and keep you from having to drag a big, heavy hose from room to room. Its convenience and ease of use make it popular with central vacuum customers. As a result, it’s even easier to vacuum your home than you might think.

When you’re ready to vacuum your home, you can quickly draw the retractable hose from the wall. It saves you a great deal of space because that hose isn’t coiled up in a cabinet or placed in any of your other valuable storage spaces. The system stores your hose within the wall. Then, when it’s time to clean the house, pull it out and attach the powered cleaning head to the device. With everything set up, you can go to work within minutes. When returning the hose, you can remove the powered cleaning head, and the hose will use the central vacuum’s already present suction to draw itself back into the wall.

Once you make use of a retractable hose, you’ll never want to go back to portable vacuums again. You’ll find that, since the dirt is drawn straight into the wall and brought to the filter near the main motor of the central vacuum, there is no dirty air blown around. As a result, your air will remain cleaner and healthier than ever before. The system is also very quiet! You’ll no longer have to worry about all of the noise that comes with your typical vacuuming with a portable vacuum. Instead, you’ll find it quick, easy, and relaxing.

Some of our retractable hose systems include the following:

central vacuum hose management system


Our Hide-A-Hose product is a space-saving retractable hose system that stores up to 50 feet of the central vacuum hose in the tubing within your walls. All you’ll need to carry is the lightweight hose handle, wand and cleaning tool; that’s it! With our Hide-A-Hose system, you pull out the length of hose needed, connect a powerhead or cleaning tool and start vacuuming. When finished, remove the powerhead or tool, and the system will use the suction from your Central Vacuum power unit to retract the hose back into the PVC tubing within the walls.

Each valve has a hose stored within the tubing, so when compared to conventional systems, you can use longer hoses. With this system, one hose can cover up to 2,300 square feet, reducing the number of inlet valves required to handle the entire house!



Our Chameleon system is the first central vacuum system to combine the innovation of retractable hose systems and the affordability of standard central vacuum inlets. The result is a hybrid central vacuum system that offers retractable cleaning convenience and in-wall hose storage benefits.

With the addition of just one Chameleon valve placed near the high-traffic areas in a home, retractable cleaning is readily available where it’s needed most for frequent cleanups. To clean other parts of your home, remove the Chameleon hose, flip up the CamPort Seal and insert the hose into any standard valve.


The Vroom system is a small retractable hose designed to conveniently clean small spaces. It’s ideal for dry messes anywhere from the kitchen to the bedrooms and even the garage. The retractable hose of the Vroom-24 has a twenty-four-foot reach that is lightweight and durable. The Vroom-18 is similar to an eighteen-foot hose and has slightly smaller dimensions.

With the Vroom system, you’ll likely be most impressed by how quickly it works. If you walk into a room and discover it’s become dusty or something has been spilled, you can be pulling out the hose and beginning the cleaning process within seconds. More giant messes will have no time to pile up at that rate. No traditional cleaning method, be it portable vacuum, dustbuster, or broom, can compare to that level of speed and convenience.


Spot by Vroom

Our Spot system is specifically designed with a specific area in mind. Suppose that you have a place in your home that experiences the same mess repeatedly. In this case, the Spot can be used to quickly and effectively clean up that mess.

For example, many pet owners choose to have a Spot placed in the area where their pets eat. If your beloved dog or cat happens to be a messy eater, you’ve probably walked into the room many times to see the dry cat or dog food scattered everywhere. With the Spot by Vroom, you’ll find that cleaning up this mess is no problem at all.

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