How Can I Take Advantage of a Retractable Hose System if I Have a Standard Central Vacuum System?

Do you love your central vacuum system but hate hauling the hose around? Maybe you’ve heard about retractable hose systems but figured you need more time with your standard system. You decided to consider a central vacuum in your home and enjoy cleaner air and powerful suction. You want the convenience of retractable hoses, but budget is a significant factor.

Well, guess what?   You can still participate in the Retractable Revolution with Vacuflo’s Chameleon® CamPort system. Chameleon combines the benefits of retractable hoses with the affordability of standard central vac inlets. The result is a proper hybrid system of both hose management and storage.

chameleon vacuum steps

Why Chameleon CamPort?

Chameleon is the first central vacuum system to combine the innovation of retractable hose systems and the affordability of standard central vacuum inlets. The result is a proper hybrid central vac system that offers retractable cleaning convenience, in-wall hose storage benefits, and affordability for homeowners on a budget.

With just one Chameleon valve placed near your home’s messiest, most high-traffic areas, retractable cleaning is readily available for frequent cleanups. To clean other parts of your home, remove the Chameleon hose, flip up the CamPort Seal and insert the hose into any standard valve. A significant benefit is that existing central vac customers get to use their existing valves, while new customers can use more affordable valves. When vacuuming is done, flip down the CamPort Seal and return and store the hose in the Chameleon valve. Check out how simple it is here.

What are the Benefits of the Chameleon CamPort System

  • It offers an affordable solution—installing just one Chameleon valve with a CamPort-enabled hose allows it to be used with all existing valves or with more affordable standard valves for new builds and customers (below).
  • Customers should be able to have a smaller, more affordable power unit compared to a larger, more expensive unit needed for a multi-retractable valve system.
  • It provides retractable vacuuming convenience where needed most – in messy, high-traffic areas.
  • In-wall hose storage keeps the hose out of sight but close at hand until needed – no more wall hangers!
  • Chameleon valves are backed by a 5-year warranty – the industry’s best!
  • Chameleon Hybrid Systems can be further enhanced by the largest selection of retractable accessories – Vroom, Spot and Vroom Retract Vac for their garage!
woman holding retractable vacuum hose

Questions About the Chameleon CamPort System

No! We’ve discovered that the end helps the retraction speed of the hose. The longer end helps guide the hose through the elbows and transitions.

The standard CamPort end will not work with RF handles, but we’ve developed a custom end that allows RF system control. Please contact inside sales for more information.

Yes! Users can still use their existing hoses and electric powerheads with their standard valves. However, when the Chameleon hose is used, they will only have to use turbine, battery-powered or straight air tools.

Do you want to see the system in action? Check it out here.

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