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Mike Roy


Mike started in 1989 alongside his Dad (Simon Roy) when they took over from McLuhan Distributors. He has over 30 years of experience in the vacuum industry. Mike has been married for 17 years and has four kids. He loves working with family and those who have a similar work ethic. Mike takes pride in the fact that Vacuflo Edmonton is one of the largest Vacuflo dealers in Canada.

Mike is passionate about his products, and Quality and Service are his top priorities. Being a people person, the best part of his job is visiting clients’ homes to meet them and understand their needs.

When Mike isn’t working, he enjoys Sunday dinners with his extended family, including his Mom and Dad, Claudette and Simon, whom Mike looks up to for their family values and strong work ethics.

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Kara Brown

Operations Manager/Sales Representative

Kara has worked with Vacuflo for 11 years. She has an 8-year-old son who, on occasion, enjoys coming to work with his mom. Kara is a very dedicated, reliable, and hard worker. She handles everything from sales to scheduling (including sales and service) and all administration.

Professional man

Sebastien Roy

Sebastien is the Third Generation of the Vacuflo family! When it comes to enjoying life, Sebastien keeps his schedule full! Most Summer nights, you can find him on his motorcycle riding around town or headed out on a more extended road trip when he gets the opportunity. Sebastien is an avid scuba diver, and despite not having a ton of spots to dive in Alberta, he will take advantage of the opportunity when he does find a good spot. During the Winter, he enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and heading to the cabin for ice fishing on the lake.

Photo of Yan

Yan St-Michel

When Yan is not busy working at Vacuflo, he enjoys spending time with his family, going on camping trips with his buddies, and playing as much golf as he can on the weekends.

Remove & Replace

We can come and assess your current vacuum system to see how it’s working and make our recommendations for upgrading it. Most times, we can do a replacement at the time of the assessment. Your time is valuable, so this saves a lot of time and doesn’t require scheduling a second trip to your house.


All four VACUFLO Designs are engineered to maintain suction, from Disposable Bag Units to True Cyclonic Units, Inverted Cyclonic Units, and Filter Cyclonic Units. Stop by our showroom, and we can design the right Vacuum for your specific needs.

Some differences include:

  • Size: The motor, canister, hose, pipes, and filter bags are different in size. A smaller home would need a smaller motor than a large house.
  • Filtration: Bagless systems collect dirt and dust directly into the bucket. Disposable filter bags collect and store the dirt, which can help reduce exposure to particles when emptying the bag. A HEPA filter adds an extra layer of protection that can benefit people with allergies.

Yes, the convenience and cleaning power that Central Vacuum Systems provide make them more popular than ever. They are becoming a standard feature in many new home builds.

Washing filters is not recommended, as doing so may lead to potential mould issues.

Vacuflo is the only Central Vacuum Company with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the complete power unit, including the Motor and PC Board. It is the best in the business.