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In today’s competitive market, you need your homes to stand out. VACUFLO┬« central vacuum systems help diversify your home and allow you to offer your customers an amenity they will love.

Unlike some manufacturers, VACUFLO takes a different approach with our central vacuum systems by focusing on the end-user cleaning experience. We know that your customers are more interested in the products they will use daily in their homes. This is why we offer accessories and features like Hide-A-Hose, Vroom and Spot that make cleaning more convenient and quick.

Our central vacuum systems also offer the Green Building and Healthy Home/Indoor Air Quality benefits your homebuyers want!

VACUFLO offers a variety of support materials and services designed to make selling our products more accessible. Whether selecting the right product, getting the materials to the job site on time, being available to answer your questions, or helping you educate the homebuyer, our knowledgeable staff prioritizes your needs.


VACUFLO offers numerous support programs to get Builders up and running quickly with our central vacuum systems.

Model Home Program
We offer special pricing programs for systems installed in model homes because we know once your customers see the system in operation, they will want one!

Merchandising Support
Literature, signage and customized advertising materials will help promote VACUFLO for you. Utilize our attractive, working point-of-purchase displays so customers can experience central vacuum cleaning firsthand and visualize the unit installed in their homes. The display showcases our unique hose management products, including Hide-A-Hose, Vroom and Spot.

Sales Training
Our professional sales staff will provide a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of VACUFLO Central Vacuum Systems. Training topics include Product Review, Simple Tips for Selling, The Art of the Demo, and how to Accurately Quote and Estimate.

  • Toxic particles such as asbestos.
  • Food particles can cause mould growth in the bucket or filter if not emptied immediately.
  • Ash from a fireplace can be fine enough to pass through even the best filters. It is better to sweep ash into a dustpan and dispose of it manually.
  • Avoid fine particles such as drywall dust, sawdust, flour, baby powder, concrete dust, or baking soda.
  • Other items that can cause water damage, clogs, or odours include kitty litter, paper clips, nails, screws, bobby pins, broken glass, and paper.
  1. Vacuflo Edmonton has been Edmonton’s exclusive Vacuflo dealer for over 60 years.
  2. Our experienced staff stays current on the latest technologies, trends, and changes in the vacuum industry.
  3. Not only does Vacuflo Edmonton sell and install central vacuum systems, but we also have many resources available to support you through the life cycle of your central vacuum system.

Central Vacuum Systems are becoming more popular in new home builds. Vacuflo Edmonton has incentives, support programs, and resources available for homebuilders.