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Experience our exceptionally powerful central vacuum performance and cleaning versatility with a wide variety of cleaning kits, accessories and powerheads. From Central Vacuum Bags and Central Vacuum Adapters to Central Vacuum Fittings – – These accessories are specifically designed for today’s home furnishings, and can clean all interior surfaces. Hard-surface flooring (wood, tile, marble, vinyl), all carpet types and rugs, walls, ceilings, draperies, upholstery and much more!

Choice of Powerheads
Depending on your preference, your system is available with either a turbine or electric powerhead. Both provide superior cleaning performance on carpeted surfaces.

The unique turbine powered carpet brushes, original TurboCat® and TurboCat Zoom, run off the airflow of the system to deliver reliable, deep-cleaning vacuum performance without additional electricity.

Electric powerheads are motor-driven and provide quick connections for wands and electrical cords, manual carpet height adjustment and easy maneuverability.

SEBO Powerheads – Advanced Technology for a Superior Cleaning Performance
SEBO electric powerheads are German engineered to deliver optimum performance with exceptional cleaning ability for both home and commercial use. These high quality powerheads can be added to any vacuum to greatly enhance its cleaning performance.

  • SEBO electric powerheads are made to withstand heavy use on all types of carpets in commercial and residential applications. The following features set these exceptional electric powerheads above all others.
  • The geared belt drive on the powerhead maintains direct power to the brush roll without slippage.
  • SEBO has designed an electronic sensor system to protect this belt drive mechanism and the motor by having the powerhead turn off should the brush become jammed. Operation is restored by simply clearing the jam around the brush roll.
  • 10 Year Warranty


The SEBO Central Vacuum (CV) Kits come with either a 30 or 35 foot 1 3/8″ silver, 3-way switch and swivel, crush-proof combo power hose with a gas pump handle. 

The standard SEBO CV kit also includes a white or black SEBO 12″ ET-1 power head, cord-management telescopic wands, as well as a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool and a 12″ floor brush in a titanium colour.

The Standard Kit comes with a 5 Year warranty.

Sebo 5 Year Warranty

The Premium SEBO CV Kit (pictured) includes a white, black, orange or red SEBO 12″ ET-1 power head, integrated cord management telescopic wand, 1 1/4″ aluminum telescopic wand with “comfort seal” (for use with SEBO floor tools), a SEBO adapter to fit 1 1/4″ tools, a SEBO parquet floor tool (dark grey), as well as a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool (black). All SEBO CV kits include a hose hanger and wand attachment holder. ET-1 Comes in red, white, black, & orange – ET-2 come in white & red.

The Premium Kit comes with a 10 Year warranty.


TurboTeam Deluxe Cleaning Kit

This kit includes a TurboCat Zoom Turbine Powerhead, 30′ Hose, one-piece Adjustable Wand, 12″ Premium Turn & Clean Floor Brush, Premium Crevice.

E-Class CleanTeam Deluxe Cleaning Kit

This kit includes a TurboCat Zoom Turbine Powerhead, 30′ Hose, one-piece Adjustable Wand, 12″ Premium Turn & Clean Floor Brush, Premium Crevice, Dusting & Upholstery Tools, VacPac Caddy and Wire Hose Rack.

E-Class Bare Floor Kit

The E-Class Deluxe Bare Floor Care Kit is perfect for homes with hard surface flooring! This kit includes 30′ Hose with hose sock, one-piece Adjustable Wand, 12″ Premium Turn & Clean Floor Brush, 12″ Premium Rug Tool, Dust Mop Tool, Premium Crevice, Dusting & Upholstery Tools, VacPac Tool Caddy, and Wire Hose Rack.

Bare Floor Kit

The Deluxe Bare Floor Care Kit is designed for homes with hard surface flooring, but can also clean interior furnishings. This kit includes a 30′ TurboGrip Hose, One-Piece Adjustable Wand, Premium 12″ Bare Floor Brush, 10″ Bare Floor Brush, 12″ Rug Tool, Premium Crevice, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, Vinyl Bag Caddy, and Wire Hose Rack.

10” Bare Floor Brush

The 10” Bare Floor Brush has natural hair bristles for thorough but gentle cleaning of all hard-surface floors (wood, tile, vinyl, slate). The front opening in the bristles captures dirt inside the brush – it doesn’t just push dirt and dust around. The floor brush also offers edge-to-edge cleaning and a swivel neck for easy maneuvering around obstacles. With the wand securely attached to the hose handle, insert the other end tightly into the floor brush attachment, and you’re ready to go.

12” Turn & Clean Floor Brushes

The Turn & Clean Floor Brush features a dual swivel-pivot connection that swivels a full 180° and pivots a full 90° simultaneously. The low-profile body allows for easy cleaning under furniture, and the 12” wide cleaning path allows for quick and effective cleaning.

Dust Mop Tool

The Dust Mop tool features a 13” x 4” pad of microfiber fringe that picks up and traps dust, dirt, grease and other small particles inside the grooves of the fringe fibre. The larger debris is captured through the pad’s front cut-out feature and gets permanently suctioned away by the power of your central vacuum. Remove the mop for easy cleaning and re-use it over and over again.

Spider Fighter

The easy, hands-off solution for getting rid of creepy crawlers! With over 5’ of extended reach, you’ll never have to fear bugs falling or jumping on you or crawling out of a crumpled paper towel. Attach the Spider Fighter to your vacuum hose, and the power of your central vacuum easily suctions away pests.

21” Flexible Crevice Tool

The 21” flexible crevice tool is essential for cleaning tough-to-reach and small places. The flexibility, which allows this crevice tool to bend back onto itself completely, will provide an excellent option when detailing vehicles, clothes dryers and general household cleaning. In the car, it makes reaching under seats, door pockets, and any awkward place easy. In the house, it not only provides extra length to your standard wand and hose combination but it allows you to clean places you didn’t even realize were dirty. The Fit All flexible crevice tool will reach and bend around corners, up and through drier vents, and under appliances and furniture.

Premium Crevice Tool

The Premium Crevice Tool has a sleek body which allows it to slide smoothly into narrow and tight spaces. It also features a no-snag bottom edge so that it won’t damage your fabrics. Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas (between couch cushions or under the refrigerator), floor edges and corners, stairs, vents and car interiors. The crevice tool can be attached to the hose handle or the wand for extended reach.

Premium Dusting Tool

Premium Dusting Brush features an ergonomic design for efficient and comfortable cleaning. The wide opening prevents dirt build-up and clogs and also prevents bristles from drawing together due to suction. Provides powerful suction through soft bristles to gently dust and clean woodwork, baseboards and mouldings; light fixtures and lamps; blinds and valances; televisions, monitors and even keyboards. The dusting brush is typically slid onto the hose handle for everyday dusting tasks, but if a longer reach is needed (for ceiling corners or crown moulding), insert the wand into the hose handle and slide the dusting brush onto the wand end.

Premium Upholstery Tool

Premium Upholstery Tool gently yet thoroughly cleans all your delicate and durable fabrics – furniture, pillows, comforters, and all types of draperies. The upholstery tool is typically slid onto the hose handle, but if a longer reach is needed, insert the wand into the hose handle and slide the upholstery tool onto the wand end.

Knitted Hose Cover

The knitted hose cover protects walls, furniture, and the life of a vacuum hose. Soft, durable fabric protects the vacuum hose and will prevent scratching the corners of walls or marking furniture as you move around the room, so you don’t have to move furniture or worry about walls. The hose cover is treated with Ultra-fresh, an anti-microbial treatment that reduces odour and bacteria, and it also comes with a cardboard cylinder to help apply the sock to the hose, so there is no struggling or tugging.

Rug/Floor Combo Tool

The Rug/Floor Combo Tool is 11 inches wide. It is very versatile and easy to use. It changes from a floor tool (bristles come down) to a carpet tool (bristles come up for a smooth glide over the carpet, and red lint brush pads help pick up hair). Ideal for low-pile carpets and rugs. This combo tool comes with a rubber bumper so you can vacuum quickly along baseboards and next to fine furniture without risking nicks, scratches and scuff marks.

ExtenVac 36” Vacuum Extension

Standard crevice tools are great for small jobs and quick pick-ups; however, when you have a large cleaning job or need to reach a tight spot, this is the attachment for you. Measuring 36” long with an integrated, flexible neck, this crevice tool will reach under appliances, into vents, and under furniture. With a 4.5” suction port, it will quickly clean anything in its path.


Need a new hose for your central vacuum system? Or maybe a kit just for your garage? We offer many accessories all compatible with your VACUFLO central vacuum. To order calll 780-436-1375!


What lengths are hoses available in?
The standard hose length is 30 feet. Electric hoses are available up to 35 feet due to UL. Shorter hoses may be available, please check with customer service at 1-800-306-7134. Low voltage hoses (TurboGrip and e-Z Grip) and standard hoses are available in 30 & 35 feet. Special order are available.

What type of hoses fit into the SuperValve?
All Electric hoses offered by Vacuflo Products fit into the direct connect SuperValves.

My on/off switch on my hose doesn’t work, can this be fixed?
Yes, replacement switches are available through your authorized dealer. However, before you replace your switch, check to be certain you have the hose end pushed firmly into the inlet valve in the wall.

I would like to replace my hose, how do I know what hose to order?
Does you hose have an on/off switch? If yes…Is it electric or low voltage? Tell this by what type of powerhead you have, electric or air driven? If air driven, you have low voltage and need to know what type of valve you have in your home, 4 mounting screws or two? If electric, do you have a 6’ pigtail that you plug in?

My hose kinks frequently, how can I prevent this from happening?
Pull the hose straight out, as you would a garden hose, before vacuuming. Installing a hose sock on the hose will also help with the kinking. Storing the hose properly on the hose rack should also insure less kinking.

Why does static electricity build up in my wands?
The shock that you may sometimes feel is static electricity building up in your metal wands. This has nothing to do with electrical wiring and does not mean that something is wrong with your system. When vacuuming, electrons from the dust particles build up in the wands as static electricity and when it jumps from the wand it can create a shock. To avoid this, simply hold a portion of your hand or finger on the metal wand, this will allow the charge to dissipate. Another option is to wipe the hose, handle and wand with a Bounce brand dryer sheet.

What is a hose sock and why would I need one?
A soft cover that fits snugly over the hose to protect furniture, walls, woodwork, corners from scuffing/scratches as the hose rubs against items.

What hoses can I use with the on-board valve on Filtered Cyclonic Units?
All hoses will work with the on-board valve. However, if your hose is a VACUFLO style you will need to use an adapter to fit the on-board valve so that the on/off switch on the hose will work.

Will the hose damage walls or woodwork?
Vacuflo Products offers a soft hose sock that fits snugly over hoses to protect woodwork, furniture and corners from scuffs and scratches.

I would like to switch to an electric powerhead, but my inlet valves do not have the wire connection, is there any way to do this?
Yes, there are hoses available with a 6 foot pigtail that can conveniently be plugged into an electrical receptacle. (You must make sure that the inlet valve is near an electrical receptacle.)

What type of hoses fit into the SuperValve?
All Electric hoses offered by Vacuflo Products fit into the direct connect SuperValves.

Can more than one valve be used at the same time?
With most systems this is not recommended. However, the Model 960 allows you to have two valves open at the same time. Using two valves at the same time on a single motor unit will greatly reduce the vacuum power.

I have regular inlet valves, can I install a Hide-A-Hose?
Possibly, it depends on the access to the vacuum tubing behind the walls. The best way to determine if you can retrofit a Hide-A-Hose is to contact a dealer to give you a quote on retrofitting the system.

Will I need an inlet valve installed in every room?
No. For maximum cleaning convenience and whole-house coverage, inlet valves are strategically placed throughout the home. You can estimate one inlet valve for every 600 square feet of living space. The average home (2000 sq. ft.) would need 4-5 inlets. Sq. ft. of home/600 = # of inlet valves. Vacuflo Central Vacuums provide whole-house cleaning coverage with as few inlet valves as possible. Tubing and low-voltage wiring are run in tandem to each valve location, speeding up installation.

Is it easy to move the hose from room to room?
Yes. Hoses are lightweight, durable and specially reinforced to resist crushing and kinking. They are 1-3/8” diameter for maximum airflow and feature a comfort grip handle with a 360-degree swivel for ease of use.

I need to replace the door on my inlet valve, where can I get one?
The door itself is not replaceable. The whole valve needs to be replaced. Contact us at 780-436-1375.

I would like to switch to an electric powerhead, but my inlet valves do not have the wire connection, is there any way to do this?
Yes, there are hoses available with a 6 foot pigtail that can conveniently be plugged into an electrical receptacle. (You must make sure that the inlet valve is near an electrical receptacle.)

What is the difference between an air-driven and an electric powerhead?
Air-driven powerheads use a high-speed turbine wheel to harness the airflow of the central vacuum system and turn the brush roller for superior cleaning performance. Electric powerheads rely on an electric motor. The air-driven design operates without electricity, powercords or batteries, lasts longer and makes the central vaccum installation easier and less costly.

I need a replacement filter for my Filtered Cyclonic Central Vacuum where can I find one?
To purchase a replacement filter, please contact us at 780-436-1375.

Can the system be used on more than carpets?
Vacuflo Products offers a wide range of versatile attachments for all carpet types and hard-surface flooring like wood, tile, marble and vinyl. It can also be used to clean upholstery, draperies, crown moldings, ceiling fans, lampshades and fixtures.

What kind of accessories are available?
We offer a full range of accessories designed to clean carpeting, wood and tile floors, upholstery, draperies, staircases, ceiling fans, mini blinds and virtually any other type of surface. For ultimate versatility, floor brushes, crevice tools, upholstery brushes, dusting brushes and extension wands are available.

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