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Central Vacuum Repair in Edmonton

Vacuflo has been the premier central vacuum repair service in Edmonton since 1969. We have decades of experience repairing central vacuums. Central vacuum systems are a valuable investment; proper repair and maintenance can significantly extend their lifespan and increase their function. Our team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional service to people in the Edmonton region.

Central Vacuum Repair Edmonton

Our Edmonton central vacuum repair specialists will thoroughly inspect your vacuum to identify the parts that require replacement or service. We will get your system running correctly! If repairs are possible, we will complete them quickly and at a reasonable price.

We strive for exceptional service, top-quality products and an industry-leading service guarantee.

Vacuum Repairs For All Makes & Models​

If you have a central vacuum in need of repair, bring it to the professionals at Vacuflo Edmonton. We have the knowledge and experience needed to inspect all vacuums regardless of the make and model. If your vacuum needs service, give the experts at Vacuflo Edmonton a call today!

Central Vacuum Repair FAQ

Can you repair a central vacuum?

Several issues can occur with central vacuum hardware. Most can be fixed by:

  • Improving the suction
  • Fixing the electrical components
  • Replacing defective circuits
  • Fixing cracks in the PVC pipe

The repair cost will determine whether it should be fixed or replaced, but we can repair most issues related to central vacuums.

How much does it cost to fix a vacuum?

Due to the number of components that go into a vacuum, the repair cost can vary greatly. Our team of specialists will diagnose your problem and give you an estimate of repair costs. 
These costs can vary from $130 to a complete replacement.

Do you replace broken vacuums?

Vacuflo has a complete line of high-quality central vacuum units. We can replace the power units, the PVC pipe system and the hoses. Check out our line of central vacuums here!

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